Here’s what people are saying about us…

  • From Dave Stamey

    Dave StameySome of the finest coffee you ever wrapped a lip around….  Exceptional! It was an honor to play the inaugural concert at Mavericks over a decade ago, and to have the chance to perform there every year since, as well.  It is an important tradition in the cowboy music genre, and for intimacy, great audiences and warm feelings there is no better venue.  I will continue to show up there year after year for as long as they’ll have me.

  • From Bruce Forman, Cow Bop

    CowbopThe smoothest, richest, most satisfying coffee comes from…Visalia? Yup, I’ve been to Brazil, Seattle, Colombia and Java (is that where Mocha Java comes from?) and Mavericks puts a hurting on Juan Valdez, take my word for it! Playing at Mavericks is always a highlight for us, an intimate venue packed with true music lovers. Great vibe and wonderful hospitality, the only problem is the aroma of coffee makes me play too fast!!!

  • From Katy Moffatt

    Katy MoffattThe coffee is some of my favorite in North America. It is varied, lush, soothing while always pleasantly surprising, AND, it is served by lovely, friendly folk who make me feel welcome and at home.

    As a performing musician, I know my on-stage experience will also be a warm and friendly one. The performance space is simple and inviting; the sound is always uncomplicated and good. The audiences I have stood in front of at Mavericks are some of the best I’ve encountered anywhere….. responsive, and ready for anything.

    If a musician is lucky enough to lodge with the Browns, he, she, or they will find a peaceful space in which to regenerate, and warm, generous and easy country hospitality as well as great company, should that be desired.

    ‘Nuff said….!

  • From Don Edwards

    Don Edwards Hat 1I love Mavericks! I’ve been coming to Mavericks for several years, it’s one of my favorite places to play. Not to mention they have the best coffee west of the Sierras! I’d drive a hundred miles out of my way just to have one of Jordan’s lattes!

    Don Edwards

  • From Larry Mapes

    Larry Mapes drawingIf you are a serious coffee lover, Mavericks is the place for you. You actually get to chose your favorite or try a variety of the best fresh brewed coffee available. It’s not what the corporate office decided you should drink, but your favorite is always available, freshly brewed just for you. Take a cup with your or take a moment to enjoy it in true western style. Some things shouldn’t change, and great coffee is one of them. Come see for yourself.

    Larry Mapes

  • From Ken Pulskamp

    Ken Pulskamp RetirementMavericks is one of the coolest spots I have ever visited. It has enough interesting cowboy and movie memorabilia to make it worth the trip. It has some of the best concerts anywhere. And, oh by the way, their coffee and service is off the hook!

    The Clarita Kid

    (Ken Pulskamp)

  • From Tom Russell

    Jordan & Tom“Mavericks Coffee House in Visalia remains on our trail of regular stops for our concerts Out West. It’s intimate and real. They are keepers of the cowboy-music flame. Always a good crowd of listeners. And worth the visit to see Gary Brown’s great display of movie cowboy photos and posters.” Tom Russell, El Paso, 2013

  • From Tom Russell

    “I’d consider the hard-made cup of coffee at Mavericks in Visalia one of the best cups in the West…and I’ve drank java at every coffee-waterhole in the San Joaquin.”

    Tom Russell


  • From Lani Hernandez

    Mavericks Coffee House in Visialia, CA shines above most! The best coffee prepared to your special request plus those fluffy, creamy, drizzled chocolate delicacies are just everyday menu items at Mavericks Roasting Company. On the top of all that like a cherry on a hot fudge sundae is the atmosphere at Mavericks. Antique Movie Lobby Cards add vintage artwork on the walls. A old West atmosphere surrounds guests. Customers become friends & make new friends with other customers while sipping the best of Mavericks, concocted by the congenial hosts at Mavericks Roasting Company.

  • From Ron Jefferson

    I have enjoyed being part of the Mavericks family for close to 11 years. The first western music concert by Dave Stamey drew me there and I’ve been hooked ever since. Experiencing western music and cowboy poetry in that intimate setting, there’s just nothing like it. There are folks who travel to dude ranches and cowboy festivals in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, or Montana to see and hear what we get to experience right here in Visalia at Mavericks. How fortunate we are! And the scrumptious mocha milk shake unique to Mavericks makes that music all the sweeter. Thank you, Jordan and Gary, for the wonderful coffee, the soulful music of the West, and that striking, authentic ambience.

    Ron Jefferson