Smooth Coffees

• Peru Organic – Our smoothest coffee. Nice sweet finish

• Breakfast Blend – a coffee lovers delight. Smooth and Balanced for that first sip in the morning

• Colombia Supremo – Smooth and balanced to perfection, classic coffee

• Costa Rica – Smooth and complex at the same time, perfectly balanced

• Nicaragua Organic – A rich, spicy coffee full of liveliness and taste

• Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Nice bodied coffee with a unique and pleasing finish

• Kenya Peaberry-a smooth coffee with wine like qualities and complexity


Medium Coffees

• Mavericks House Blend – A blend of Indonesian and South American coffees. Not to bold..not to smooth…just right

• Sequoia Organic – A smooth blend with just a touch of boldness

• Moka Java Blend – A rich blend of Indonesian and African coffees, a mix of earthy and smooth tones, a true coffee lover’s delight

• Mexican Pluma – a balanced coffee with earthy overtones

• Guatemala Antigua – Very bodied, spicy, with a slight smoky finish

• 100% Pure Kona – from the beautiful islands. Great taste and smooth finish

• 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain – possibly the world’s smoothest finish. A crowd pleaser


Bold Coffees

• Dark French – rich and bold. Our darkest roast and a shop favorite

• Midnight Ride – Our most popular dark roast. Dark French overtones with a surprisingly smooth finish

• Espresso – A great coffee, roasted in the Italian tradition of espresso, bold and lively

• Timor Organic – Heavy body with subtle earthy tones

• Sumatra Mandheling – a classic coffee. Great aroma and taste


N.W.P.* Decaffeinated Coffees

• Mavericks House Blend

• Midnight Ride

• Dark French

• Espresso

• Colombia

• Sumatra

*Natural Water Process (no chemicals)


Flavored Coffees (Regular and Decaf)

• French Vanilla – a traditional treat, great fragrance and taste

• Hazelnut – A smooth roast with a nice rich hazelnut undertone

• Irish Cream – A smooth roast with just enough Irish Cream to satisfy the palate

• Mudslide – One of our most popular flavored coffees. Just enough coffee and chocolate aroma and taste to satisfy anyone with a taste for something rich

• Pumpkin Spice – a house favorite. Great smooth coffee with wonderful aroma

• Chocolate Macadamia Nut-aroma of chocolate and macadamia nuts. Need we say anything more

• Cinnamon Nut Cream-just enough cinnamon aroma to compliment this great coffee

• Spiced Butter Rum-one of the most aromatic coffees. A great dessert coffee

• Chocolate Truffle- a wonderful blend sure to please any party with rich chocolate overtones

• Sugar and Spice – one of our most popular coffees. Cinnamon and vanilla aroma that brightens any day

• Harvest Spice – roasters favorite flavored coffee. Just the right mix of pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon

• Butterscotch Toffee-may make you yearn for some hard candy!

• Hawaiian Coconut-another island treat. Smooth finish with a great coconut aroma sure to fill the room

• Christmas Blend (Seasonal)- a mavericks holiday favorite. A wonderful aroma that shout merry Christmas!